West Texas Historical Literature
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One of my favorite subjects is history, particularly that of popular culture, technology, and commerce. I've collected some information from around my area of West Texas I hope you will enjoy.

12 Oaks Motor Hotel, Odessa, TX. Postcard (ca. 1970's)

Twelve Oaks Motor Hotel, Odessa, TX. Postcard

12 Oaks Motor Hotel postcard rear, Odessa, TX.

The Twelve Oaks was constructed to (sort of!) look like Ashley Wilkes' plantation house in Gone With The Wind.
I estimate these postcards are from the late '70s or early '80s. The Twelve Oaks was located on Hwy. 80 (2nd St.) in Odessa, an area which since has become kind of seedy and seamy. Before Interstate 20 was built in the mid 60's, all of the traffic from Dallas and points east headed for California, etc. would have come through Odessa on Hwy. 80.
Therefore, there were many motels built here. Many of them still operate today, although some are nicer than others!
When I came to the area in 1999, the Twelve Oaks was still standing but defunct.
Some say it shut down around 1993. It was torn down around 2003 and now just a vacant lot remains.

More information to come!

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