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I've always had an interest in radio, both in broadcasting and in receivers, and in picking up far-off stations on the AM band. Here are some audio clips I have collected over the past 12 years or so, and have tried to feature stations that are not covered on other audio sample pages on the web. They are in mp3 mono format. More clips to come! 

WIEL, 1400 AM, Elizabethtown, Kentucky
These were recorded when I moved from Ohio to Texas in 1999 and traveled through Elizabethtown. There is the legal ID plus two jingles.

WAKR, Akron, 1590 AM
. Westwood One Adult Standards format.
Legal ID and news clip, summer 2003

WJMP, Kent, 1520 AM.
WJMP had a country format as WKNT in the mid-80's. They then switched to oldies as "Jumpin' Oldies" WJMP in the late 80's. Through the 90's the station aired TV audio from a low power TV station, WAOH. It may have had a talk or sports format in the 90's at one time too. In 2003 the station aired the Music Of Your Life adult standards network. It then changed to liberal talk and I think is now a sports format.
WJMP legal ID and sign-off, 2003

WSAI, Cincinnati, 1530 AM
Legal ID and news; jingle. Adult standards format from 2003.

KOMA, 1520 AM, Oklahoma City, OK
This station changed from oldies to talk in 2003 and changed call letters to KOKC.
Usually the station was simulcast on 92.5 FM but there were a few programs which were broadcast on the AM station only. These legal ID's are from 2001.

Rare KOMA (AM) only legal ID jingle. KOMA, Oklahoma City.
KOMA simulcast legal ID jingle. KOMA, AM&FM, Oklahoma City
KVOO, 1170 AM, Tulsa, Oklahoma
Recorded in 2001, with two jingles. At this time, the station was a classic country format, but is now a talk format as KFAQ. Here is a web page with memories of KVOO.

KLBO, 1330 AM, Monahans, Texas
KLBO had a country format in the mid-90's but was running a talk format featuring programs from "IE America" in the late 90's.
Legal ID from 1999, with 25 hz cue tone and USA news sounder
Around 2001, the station changed to oldies with the "Radio Free Texas" slogan. It changed format to Spanish religious for a short time around 2005.
Legal ID from 2001, with "Be-Doop" tones and TSN (Texas State Network) news sounder for KLBO web site. The web site has gone defunct.

KLBO was purchased by new owners in 2007 and will be renamed KCKM, according to a posting at

KRIG, 1410 AM, Odessa, TX
Was KRIG with a top-40 format in the early 80's.
KRIG Top-40 Aircheck from 1982 (2 meg file, 11.025 khz mp3 file)
Features Mark Allen and James Whitmire on a Saturday morning in 1982, 5:30-8 AM. The editing is not the greatest in this file as it appears to have been recorded directly in the studio.

Changed to talk format as KRIG in mid 80's.
Was talk/easy listening/classical format and calls changed to KRIL in mid 80's. This format continued until the station changed back to talk around 2000, simulcasting KMND in Midland.
Continued to simulcast KMND but changed format to sports around 2004.
Changed to classic country "Real Country" in spring 2007.
KRIG talk montage, early 1980's (around 1983-84)

KRLD, 1080 AM, Dallas, TX.
This clip is from a music program KRLD broadcast in 2001 about American music in wartime. I recorded this on a Tascam 3030 reel to reel machine and still have the reel but can't remember details of the program.
KRLD music clip, legal ID and CBS news tone

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